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Beacon Legacy Partners
Looking for one great company to buy and grow



Beacon Legacy Partners was founded by an entrepreneur looking to identify and acquire one great business to grow for the long term. We are looking for a business owner planning for the next stage in life - we want to partner with and provide them with flexibility, transparency, and peace of mind as they sell their business and ensure their legacy continues.

Why Us

Why Us?

Legacy. People. Flexibility.

Who You Sell to Matters

Unlike Private Equity or Strategic Buyers, where companies become one of many in a portfolio, our sole focus will be to continue to grow the business and honor your legacy.

People. People. People.

We believe people are a company's most important asset and are devoted to taking care of your employees once you depart. 


We can offer you flexibility around structure and transition to ensure you can achieve your desired outcome. 

We understand we are not for everyone. But if you are an owner that cares about you and your company's legacy, about your employees, and about partnering with a young and motivated entrepreneur, backed by a group of experienced investors, operators, and advisors, consider connecting with us. 

we're different

Seller's Future

Company's Future

Company Goals


Employees' Future

The Team

Deal Terms

Time Horizon

Beacon Legacy Partners

Flexible to meet seller's needs 

Full-time focus and dedication

Grow the business and

continue your legacy

Will be pivotal focus of company's continued future success

Backed by group of experienced entrepreneurs, CEO's, and Investors

Flexible and bespoke terms for the owner that align with the company's future

Long-Term Focus

Private Equity

Typically forced to stay long term or leave immediately

Your company will become one of

many in a portfolio

Cost cutting and financial engineering;

impacts employees and culture  

High risk of job cuts

Professional Investors with limited operations involvement; mostly in board capacity

Generally strict, standard

fund terms

Looking for quick turnaround (3-5 years)

Strategic Buyer

Typically forced to stay long term or leave immediately

Your company will become one division

of larger organization

Integration and identifying synergies;

impacts employees and culture

High risk of job cuts


Least flexible in deal terms, can

take years to close



What we
are looking for

We are looking for one business with at least $7MM in revenues (if services business) or $3MM in ARR (if software business), a track record of profitability, and an owner looking for a partner in their transition (not just a financial buyer).

Learn more about our investment criteria below.


Albert Soulier is a values-based leader and entrepreneur - he founded Beacon Legacy Partners, to acquire, lead, and grow one business for the long term. 


Albert has a decade of experience across business development, investing, strategy and operations. He believes that people and culture are the biggest drivers of value in great businesses. After years of learning and building at large organizations, he is now ready to pursue his entrepreneurial journey of leading his own small business.      

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Our Partners

Albert has assembled a group of former CEO's, operators, and world-class investors with deep experience buying, operating, and growing small businesses. The group is fully committed to actively supporting both Albert and the company over the long term.

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